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Abuse Policy

Itlogi maintains very strict policies against abuse by monitoring closely the unauthorized use of content. In order to make sure that we are able to identify abuse of our guidelines, we work with security organizations that work online. If any of our clients have concerns, they can contact our abuse department with detailed information about them.

We will make sure that we evaluate your concern and respond to it with appropriate answer as soon as possible. Furthermore, we have serious attitude towards abuse therefore action is taken to investigate each case. Following are the types of things that can be reported to us:

Intellectual Property Rights

Firstly, we do not tolerate breech of property rights which means in case of domain concerns, you can contact us. Before taking a legal action, we will try to contact the domain registrant but if it does not work out well we will give further options that are suitable to the case.


If you receive spam messages from domain names that are registered through our website, we will make sure that we figure out the problem for you. Unsolicited messages or content received through these websites will be monitored so that proper action can be taken to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Information Breech

If there are any attempts at trying to acquire certain information like passwords, credit card information etc. we will make sure that we take proper steps to not only stop this practice but also ultimately bring the case to justice.

Use of bots

Internet bots are being used to improve the interaction with consumers however; they can also be dangerous for users. They can be used to send spam emails, messages etc. too. If you are facing any such activities, you can contact us regarding the issue.


Malicious viruses can cause problems in the software that create further space for hackers to abuse. If you are under such attack, you can contact us to avail our services.Within 24 business hours of receiving your complaint, we will start to investigate the case. If there are any misconceptions that need to be clarified, we will contact you.

We will make sure that each problem is tackled in its own manner so that it can be controlled in future. Furthermore, we work with appropriate agencies which have information regarding how to properly deal with such cases.

We are concerned for everyone’s safety therefore if any of our clients or consumers is facing abuse through our website or work, we will be there to sort out the problem as soon as we receive the form with complaint.

Each case is given equal importance and it is investigated until properly solved. Itlogi has a proper team of people who are working towards ending abuse induced in such cases. We take responsibility of registered domains under our website so that there is no violation of privacy and comfort for anyone.

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