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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is essential in order to tell the users about how the data they share with us
will remain protected and will not be used for malicious or harmful reasons.
At Itlogi. we follow strict privacy policy. Last Revised: 2021-01-29 08:58:58

We make sure that there is accountability provided to the users. For every bit of information that is shared through our website, there will be people who take responsibility to make sure that it remains private. It is also important that users know why they are asked to share particular information with us. Whenever we ask for a username, password, credit information etc.

we also identify the reasons for asking for it.We all make sure to get consent from the users before we take their information. It is of utmost importance that our customers are aware of reasons that they are asked to share specific details and consent to it. We also make sure that we keep your information limited to few sources which are necessary for working. Your private information will only be shared for work relations, third party credit companies, marketing purposes etc. You will be informed before your information is taken and used on your behalf for the development of each project.

Itlogi is also concerned with protecting and safeguarding data that is shared with us. We respect the privacy of our users and we protect their data from being lost or stolen.

Personal information that is shared through Itlogi shall be accurate and it is subject to updates from time to time based on the needs of the company or the clients. You can rest assured that we have created a website that is safe for everyone to use.

Your data is not under the threat of being stolen or used by hackers for harmful purposes. Moreover, our privacy policy at Itlogi ensures that you are in safe hands. The encryption if data will protect from breeching of hackers as well.

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